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Environmental protection dust removal, anti-virus, air delivery sprayer


Environmental protection dust removing air delivery sprayer

Product features:
1. stable, reliable and safe. Strong wind, high range (far), good penetration.
The utility model has the advantages of wide coverage, high work efficiency, easy operation, and convenient operation.
2., you can set up remote control, up and down, safe, convenient and flexible.
3. can achieve constant, low capacity and ultra-low capacity and other forms of spray, you can reduce costs.
4. can adopt three-phase 380V city electricity, also can match the diesel generator set power supply, install to use on the transportation vehicle. Can also be customized explosion-proof type.
Scope of application:
1. coal preparation field, coal mine, coal storage yard, port coal yard, power plant, steel plant, coke and other dust pollution control.
2., demolition of housing, construction sites, water conservancy, dam, road, bridge and other dust, cooling.
3. large scale disinfection and epidemic prevention after the waste dump and natural disasters.
Technical parameter:
Flow rate of drug pump: 40-50L/min working pressure: 1.5-3.5Mpa
Water mist particles: 50-150um horizontal range: 20-100m
Tilt angle: -10 degrees -90 degrees
Rotation angle: + 360 degrees (remote control)
Protection level: IP55
Control mode: remote control / manual
Auxiliary power: diesel generator set
Exterior size: customized as required


(Material can also be made of stainless steel)




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