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Low noise axial fan

Click:325    Date of publication:2017-05-09


The low noise axial fan has the characteristics of high efficiency, energy saving, large wind volume, high wind pressure and low noise. Compared with the current axial fan, the air volume is increased by 15%, the air pressure is increased by 20%, and the noise level is decreased by 10-15dB (A) than that of the A sound level. The fan is suitable for conveying general occasions of gas, such as machinery, electronics, instruments, metallurgy, food, industrial buildings, hotels, restaurants, exhibition halls and office buildings, etc..
Axial fan has the characteristics of low noise, energy saving, low consumption, stable operation and so on. Products are widely used in warehouses, industrial and mining enterprises, residential buildings and other buildings ventilation ventilation.
Axial fan has the characteristics of energy saving, low power consumption, compact structure, stable operation and low vibration. Suitable for conveying non flammable, non corrosive gases, without significant dust, particles less than 200mg/m3, the ambient temperature shall not exceed 60 DEG C, widely used in general factory, warehouse, office, residential ventilation or strong wind heat, the exhaust pipe can have a longer interval are arranged in series, in order to improve the pipeline the pressure in the casing can be removed with free fan.

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