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Installation of axial fan

Click:269    Date of publication:2017-05-09

First, the preparation of axial fan before installation:
Check out of the box fan of each component is complete, there is no external shell bumps, with particular attention to whether there is a high head rectifier deformation, each component connection is close, there is no damage to the impeller vane motor, the rotation is flexible, if found should be repairs and adjustments. Check the installation base of fan, it must have enough strength and rigidity to ensure the load of fan running, and check whether the connection size of foundation and fan meets the design requirement.


Two 、 installation of axial fan:
1, fan horizontal type shock absorber installation will be fixed on the fan base through the connecting bolt, adjust the damper level with the center height adjustment plate, fixed bolts of the fan is fixed on the connecting steel plate is welded on the basis on the wind machine due to seismic and other reasons without damper, then screw with the foundation of fan frame on the pre buried bolt can be directly connected.
The basic requirements of wind turbine installed 2, side wall horizontal and horizontal type installation, only the mounting bracket made oblique arm supporting bracket, must have sufficient strength and rigidity, 10# fans should not be used in the installation mode.
3, install the first suspension damper and the fan is connected by bolts into one absorber symmetrically arranged in the fan center on both sides, directly to the fan to insert installed on the hanging bracket, the suspension bracket height, depending on the actual spatial distance is defined by user, 16# fans generally do not use this type of installation.
4, vertical installation fan vertical installation method and lie ground type installation consistent, the fan foundation strength and stiffness requirements more strictly.
A flexible joint must be used to connect the fan and the pipe at both ends to isolate the vibration and protect the fan.

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