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Explosion proof axial flow fan structure

Click:289    Date of publication:2017-05-09

Explosion type axial flow fan is usually low noise fan, fan inlet with a trumpet before the formation of wind, wind machine fixed with anchor bolts and flanges, explosion-proof axial flow fan impeller is composed of main body, integrated group, group support rod, fire support and louver, explosion-proof shaft flow fan impeller consists of the impeller and the impeller and cowl cowl, made of glass fiber reinforced plastic antistatic by pressing, adopting aerofoil blades, explosion-proof axial flow fan has the advantages of high efficiency, low noise, simple structure, stable performance, easy to use and maintenance, the main duct is composed of an air duct and a flange., a proper gap between the main duct and the impeller, set the wind by pressing glass steel overall antistatic, connected with the main air duct with screws, explosion-proof axial flow fan support rods or support the flameproof special The motor is supported in the air duct, so that the air duct is evenly distributed in the impeller.


Explosion-proof axial flow fan impeller made of composite materials and Aluminum Alloy die casting, die casting Aluminum Alloy impeller has the characteristics of refined appearance, reliable structure shape, explosion-proof axial flow fan is generally applicable to containing flammable gas or steam and air to form explosive mixtures in the environment, explosion-proof axial flow fan by gas blower in the work, shall not be mixed with impurities, the object altitude not exceeding 1000m.

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