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Noise control technology of axial fan

Click:318    Date of publication:2017-05-09

The impact on the human body and the harm of environmental noise pollution, 1 remote vibration conveyor dyed noise can generally be divided into two aspects of labor protection and environmental protection, in front of which harm people's health, lead to various diseases, the latter refers to the interference of quiet environment, affect people's normal work and life.
Control the vibration of the panel, and connect the sound source with the sound insulation cover and the base with soft material.
When a sound wave encounters a shield, a portion of the incident sound energy is reflected, a portion is absorbed, and a portion of the sound energy is transmitted through the shield to continue to propagate due to changes in the interface characteristics impedance.
The absorption mechanism of porous sound absorbing material is interconnected pores inside material is tiny, when sound waves into the vibration activator onto the surface of these materials, and the incident to these small pores, to cause pore air movement, close to the hole wall and the fiber surface air, due to friction and viscous motion resistance and easy movement, the sound energy into heat energy.
But a lot of boiler due to poor location and fan performance adverse factors such as boiler noise impact on the surrounding residents quiet working and living environment, harm people's health, often triggered by disturbing events, disputes.
2, the basic principle of noise control is the formation of noise pollution, mainly three factors, namely: sound source, medium and receiver.
Sound insulation cover lining 10cm thick glass wool, 0.87 is the absorption coefficient in the intake pipe muffler, the actual sound transmission loss is TL=32+10 log20.87=30 DB the fan noise control to T=90-30=60 dB SPL sound intensity is the objective physical quantity reflecting sound, human subjective feelings of noise by N=2 (loudness said: N-40) fan loudness /10 governance prior to the N1=2 (90-40) /10=32 fan before treatment for loudness: N2=2 (60-40) /10=4 governance is the loudness reduction equipment room 87.5% before and after the energy saving effect of heat dissipation in three main aspects: fan and pipe wall convection cooling fan, and the the pipe wall surface radiation, the cooling fan motor.
When the boiler is in operation, because the blower negative pressure is generated in the sound insulation indoor, outdoor fresh air will automatically enter the large anechoic chamber, and the first fan motor for heat exchange, cool cool, keep indoor temperature 50 degrees celsius.
3, blower fan noise control technology of boiler room and fan noise at 90 decibels, because the temperature of boiler flue gas DMA electromagnetic vibration feeder is up to 180 DEG C, the use of closed sound insulation will lead to poor heat, the motor temperature is too high, and even burning motor.
The sound absorption performance of the material is expressed by absorption coefficient. The greater the sound absorption coefficient, the better the sound absorption performance of the material.
After practice, the noise of boiler fan energy saving and noise reduction control technology, not only reduces the noise pollution, protect the people's living environment, and recycling of energy, to achieve a unified economic and environmental benefits.


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