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How to install axial fan?

Click:270    Date of publication:2017-05-09

A horizontal type axial flow fan device: the shock absorber after connection bolt is fixed on the fan base, with the center, adjust to change extremely high pull each damper pad mediation degree, with a fixed bolt will be fixed on the fan has the foundations of the splicing connection steel, because of the wind machine anti vibration without damper will screw and fan base on the foundation of the pre buried bolt can be directly connected.
Two, axial fan vertical device: Fan vertical device, the same as the ground type device, the fan foundation of the intensity and stiffness requirements more stringent. The connection between the fan and the two ends of the fan must be secured with a flexible fit to isolate, vibrate, and protect the blower.
Three, axial flow fan hanging device: the first screw connection into body damper and fan, damper match device, finishing in the fan on both sides, directly will improve access device for hanging shelves fan, hanging shelves, as in space distance is set by users, more than 16# of wind don't use the same type of machine.
The horizontal wall device four, axial side: basic request and horizontal fan device type device, just finished the oblique arm bearing bracket, bracket to have enough intensity and rigidity, do not use this device for more than 10 fan method.

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