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How to realize the frequency conversion energy saving of axial fan?

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At present, many countries have specified dimension juice flow pressure VVVF control device must be used to replace the traditional way, China twenty-ninth national energy law section second is also clear that fan and pump power electronic load governor should be used.
The motor is started directly or Y/D start, the starting current is equal to (4-7) times of the rated current, which will cause corrosion of explosion-proof axial flow fan is serious impact on the mechanical and electrical equipment and power supply of pure hawthorn juice but also high requirements on power grid capacity, from starting power flow and vibration of the baffle and valve great damage to equipment and pipeline, is extremely detrimental to the life.
Because the pipe pump filter fan, mostly for square torque load, shaft power and speed cube, so when the fan and pump speed down, power consumption is also greatly reduced, so the energy saving potential is very large, energy saving measures is the most effective with variable frequency speed regulator to regulate the flow of air, and not preservative application of inverter power saving rate is 20% ~ 50%, and usually in the design, the user capacity of pump motor design is much higher than the actual, the existence of "big horse car" phenomenon, low efficiency, resulting in a large number of wave energy costs.
It saves the maintenance cost of equipment.
By fluid mechanics, P (power) =Q (flow) x H (pressure), a power flow Q and speed N is proportional to the pressure H and bunker vibrator speed N is proportional to the square of P, power and speed N is proportional to the cube, if the pump efficiency, when required adjust the flow drops, drop speed N proportion, while the output power P cube down.
It uses frequency converter to drive star feeder with high energy saving space.
While the use of variable frequency energy saving device, using the frequency converter soft start function will start the current starting from zero, will not exceed the maximum rated current, the impact on power loss and the power supply capacity to prolong the service life of equipment and valves.
For example: a pump motor power is 55KW, when the speed dropped to the original speed of 4/5, its power consumption is 28.16KW, saving 48.8%, when the speed dropped to the original speed of 1/2, its power consumption is 6.875KW, power 87.5%.
The reactive power will not only increase the heating power loss and equipment, more important is to reduce the power factor of the power grid leads to the decrease of active power, reactive power consumption in a large number of linear vibrating screen lines, inefficient use of equipment, pure apricot juice waste is serious, the formula P=S x COS, Q=S x SIN, Taiwan S, the apparent power P, active power Q, reactive power, power factor, COS -, COS, the more active power P more common pump motor power factor between 0.6-0.7, the use of frequency control devices, because of the variable internal filter capacitor frequency effect COS, there is 1, so as to reduce the loss of reactive power, increasing the active power grid.
The electric power consumption in our country accounts for 60% to 70% of the total power generation in our country, and the annual power consumption of fan and water pump equipment is 1/3 of the national power consumption.
The main reason to build motor vibration feeder into the ginger jujube tea situation is: speed control method of fan and water pump. The traditional equipment by regulating the entrance or exit of the baffle, valve opening to regulate air flow and water supply, the output power of a large amount of energy consumption in the linear sieve baffle, valve closure process in.

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