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What is a fan of axial fans?

Click:270    Date of publication:2017-05-08

The fan is always connected to work together with the smoke duct, when the load changes, smoke and air flow change, smoke, air flow resistance P changes according to the change of the relationship between them by the curve, called Q- Delta P characteristic curve of pipeline.
The fan can be divided into low pressure fan, medium pressure fan, high pressure fan,.ZKX type linear vibrating screen fan according to the pressure. The performance parameters of the fan include flow, pressure, power, efficiency and speed.
In 1862, Britain's Goebel invented centrifugal fan, its impeller and casing are concentric round, the shell is made of brick, the wooden impeller adopts backward straight blade, the efficiency is only about 40%, mainly used for ventilation of the mine.
When the fan works, the pressure head it produces is exactly equal to the total pressure head that the pipeline system carries the same flow gas, and they are balanced in the relation of supply and demand.
But the temperature changes little, so the blower is not equipped with cooling equipment.
Fan classification:
1, fan according to the use of material classification can be divided into several kinds, such as iron and steel glass blower fan, plastic fan, aluminum, stainless steel fan fan etc.
2, fan classification according to the direction of gas flow, divided into centrifugal, axial flow, oblique flow and cross flow type.
In addition, noise and vibration are the main design indexes of fans.
3. Fans are divided into pressing type local fans and flameproof motors according to their purposes. They are placed outside the flow channel or in the flow passage, and the flameproof motors are placed in the extraction type local fans of the explosion-proof sealing chamber.
The ratio of the effective power to the axial power of a fan is called efficiency.

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