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Axial fan in the development of Chinese fans

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I. present situation and gap of fan industry
(1) present situation:
Main products and technical level
1) the centrifugal compressor with horizontal split structure is close to the advanced level of similar products in the world, and a small number of products have reached the advanced level in the world.
2) multi axis isothermal centrifugal compressor is the international 80s level.
3) gear assembly centrifugal compressor for the international 90s level.
4) single axle high speed centrifugal blower is the international 90s level.
5) axial compressor near the world's advanced level of similar products, a small number of products to reach the world advanced level.
6) centrifugal blower for general use is the international 80s level.
7) roots blower is close to the advanced level of similar products in the world.
8) the boiler drum fan is the international 80s level.
9) the movable blade adjustable axial fan is the international 80s level.
10) radial speed fan is the international 90s level.
11) diagonal fan is the international 90s level.
12) the mine axial fan is the international 80s level.
Supporting fan capacity of major technical equipment
1) carbon dioxide centrifugal compressor can be matched with an annual output of 52 tons of urea plant
2) it can be used as a centrifugal compressor for syngas, air and ammonia for an annual output of 300 thousand tons of synthetic ammonia plant
3) a centrifugal compressor for cracking ethylene, propylene and propylene for an ethylene plant with an annual capacity of 300 thousand tons
4) the gas centrifugal compressor can be matched with an annual output of 3 million tons of catalytic cracking unit
5) air centrifugal compressor can be matched for 30 thousand m3/h air separation unit
6) centrifugal and axial compressors are available for 1000 m3 blast furnaces
7) large scale axial or centrifugal fans can be supplied for 30~60 million kW thermal power units
8) the aeration blower can be provided for the 1 million m3/d sewage treatment device
(2) the gap
The supporting capacity of large-scale technical equipment needs further improvement. With the development of petrochemical, metallurgical and power plants, the fan capacity tends to be large. Such as ethylene plant has reached 45~78 tons / year, the ammonia plant has reached 680 thousand tons / year, unit refining catalytic cracking unit has reached 60 million tons / year, thermal power generation scale has reached 60~130 kilowatts. These large capacity fans are to be developed in all sectors of the wind turbine industry.
Product level gap
The technology introduced by the fan industry is mostly the level of design and manufacture in seven and 80s. Although it has been updated and developed over the years, there are still gaps in some areas. Such as the existing compressor efficient basic level series incomplete, low efficiency.
Manufacturing level gap. At present, the process method of wind machine industry manufacturers overseas manufacturing centrifugal compressor impeller three yuan advanced Italy Nuovo Pignone slotted welding technology, the German company Demag adopts braze welding technology, and the country has not yet applied these technologies in production; in five coordinate milling impeller, advanced processing efficiency is higher than the domestic manufacturers 2~3 times; welding in the impeller, the foreign NC automatic welding process, backward and domestic still use manual welding.
There is a gap in the appearance and coating of the product
The appearance quality of the small ventilator products in foreign countries is the same as that of Arts and crafts. The coating quality of the compressor is firm and beautiful. In recent years, the quality of the domestic compressor has been improved, but there is still a certain gap..
Two, development goals
(1) product development goal;
1) improve the ability and level of supporting major technical equipment. Based on the existing 300 thousand tons of synthetic ammonia, 520 thousand tons of urea, 300 thousand tons / year of ethylene, 3 million tons and 2 million tons / year catalytic cracking unit, hydrocracking, 20 thousand m3/h air separation and 30~60 supporting kW thermal power unit fan capacity, in order to adapt to the device scale to the direction of large-scale development, study to improve the fan capacity and technology the level to reach the advanced level of similar foreign products.
2) analysis of various device existing domestic petrochemical, metallurgical industry compressor expansion, efficiency feasibility, well technology demonstration program, and relates to the technical problems of the research, make a detailed technical transformation scheme.
3) develop and improve the assembled compressor to form a complete series.
4) the centrifugal compressor of long distance pipeline is developed according to the demand of domestic western development and west east gas transmission.
5) the axial compressor will be renewed on the basis of imported technology to meet the demand of blast furnace blast furnace and catalytic cracking unit
6) develop axial compressor centrifugal compound compressor.
1) update the existing high-speed centrifugal blower series, with three semi open impeller impeller instead of two yuan, to improve the efficiency; instead of casting shell with welded casing, improve the appearance quality, the advanced level reached the international similar products.
2) transform the original large sintering and converter blowers, improve product efficiency and technical level, improve the structure, simplify the manufacturing process, and reduce costs.
3) in the introduction of high-speed sewage treatment, centrifugal blower on the basis of constantly updated and improved; cooperation in the development of sewage treatment with low-speed multi-stage centrifugal blower.
4) the introduction of technology, joint ventures, joint production and self development of the principle of combining the development of roots blower.
The technical development direction of fan is to put energy saving in important position. Because the fan is a large volume of products, is the main energy products (accounting for about 10% of the total national economy electricity), so the main direction is the further development of energy-saving fan products, transformation of old products, the elimination of backward fan products.
At present, the fan industry has developed a number of energy-efficient products, the blade is three yuan flow vanes, but because of the transfer of technology costs and higher costs, manufacturers and users can not accept. This should be further reduced costs, and then fully promoted.
(2) technological development goals
Pneumatic and thermodynamic calculation
1) development and application of three-dimensional viscous gas dynamics analysis software
2) semi open high efficiency basic level series development
3) model development of heavy medium and high Maher number model
4) high efficiency, small hub ratio compressor model series development
5) high energy head, large flow and medium flow three yuan impeller series development
6) efficient, narrow two yuan basic level development
Calculation of stability and strength of rotor system
1) squeeze film damper nonlinear stability design software
2) development and application of compressor rotor fault diagnosis system
3) nonlinear dynamic characteristic analysis software of rotor bearing seal system
4) the calculation of sliding bearing characteristics and the development of re design software
5) digest and application of structural component analysis and calculation software
1) research and application of centrifugal compressor and blower casting impeller
2) research and application of medium and low pressure dry gas seals
3) centrifugal blower welding casing series development
4) the development of the gear welding machine and the welding case
5) development of new high speed energy saving bearings
Auxiliaries and components
1) development of 3D numerical simulation software for compressor intercooler
2) diaphragm type coupling development
Computer application
1) device CAD development and Application
2) computer integration of process documents
3) CIMS promotion and Application
4) application of field bus instrument in compressor control
The process of development
1) digestion and application of NC machining software
2) study on material and process of Maraging Stainless Steel Impeller
3) high pressure ratio bearing Babbit process
4) study on material and technology of high strength and toughness resistant sulfur impeller
5) research on automatic welding of centrifugal compressor and blower impeller
6) research on material and process of impeller welding
7) impeller grooving welding technology research and its popularization and Application

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