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Axial fan overview

Click:277    Date of publication:2017-05-08

The wind direction is parallel to the axis and is called axial flow fan and centrifugal fan is, the air conditioning unit is a large fan coil, it comes with some function. Humidizer. Filtering.. air cooled chiller is a kind of air conditioner, divided air cooling and water cooling fan coil two. Is a kind of heat transfer equipment, a reasonable and home air-conditioning indoor machine. The axial flow fan and centrifugal fan cabinet the fundamental differences in the mechanical structure of fan blade diameter, axial flow fan is limited to shell diameter, and the centrifugal fan is not the limit, can use the blade leaning forward or backward on the blade, the air flow rate and pressure to meet the demands of a wider. Moreover, the cabinet can do noise elimination, and it has obvious advantages in noise index. As a result of the general use of motor revolution is low, motor power, power consumption more. If the ventilation system is usually used, the centrifugal fan is used as far as possible, and the fire exhaust system is not in common use. It is more economical and reasonable to use the high temperature axial fan.
Fan blades and motor combinations, most of which can be selected according to the air pressure, the imported products are modular production, and can be selected by the computer, so that the fan work in the teaching efficiency! The general centrifugal fan has more advantages than the axial flow fan in the combination selection of large air volume and large wind pressure.

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