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The axial flow fan to wash and noise reduction

Click:312    Date of publication:2017-05-08

Axial flow fan and how:
1, axial fan horizontal split unit shall be the main air blower upper part and rotor removed, and the main air blower lower part, bearing seat and base on the basis of assembly, with a pair of inclined iron leveling;
2, vertical split unit should be in single period of crusher chamber placed in the foundation, paired with the wedges leveling, and then install the bearing seat and the bearing seat and the bottom plane of contact should be uniform, two bearing hole on the public axis of the different axis should not exceed 0.05 mm; bearing the scrape. The main shaft flat on the bearing cone crusher, with a stylus fixed on the spindle head, the intake chamber sealing ring as a benchmark for measuring the principal axis and the inlet axial flow fan with different axis, its value should not exceed 2 mm, and then mounted on the impeller, dry-type power transformer casing, stator and expansion pressure regulator;
3. The levelness of the vertical unit shall not exceed 0.2/1000. The axial fan shall be measured on the wheel by the level meter. The radial displacement of the shaft and the motor shaft of the screw feeder shall not exceed 0.2/1000;
4, water scraper conveyor flat mesh and vertical split unit GZG of inertial vibrating feeder fan shaft and the motor shaft of the different axis, radial displacement should not exceed 0.05 mm, tilt step should be more than 0.2/1000; the unit vertical level should not exceed 0.2 vibrofeeder /1000, horizontal level should not more than 0.3/1000.
How to reduce noise of axial fan:
1, to get the same wind pressure conditions for axial flow fan with strong forward blade, and multi blade impeller to increase aerodynamic load of cascade, blade outer circumferential speed circle can make the fan noise is decreased obviously.
2, axial flow fan volute tongue is arranged at the acoustic resonator, when sound waves to the resonator, gas hole diameter and the cavity of the stored sound down movement, a part of energy consumption due to heat losses so that the noise is reduced.
3, in and out of gas on the edge of a blade serrated blade structure can make air laminar early into turbulent flow, so as to avoid the unstable wave leads to vortex separation of laminar boundary layer, the eddy current separation of axial flow fan, noise reduction.
4, the volute tongue is inclined to reduce the periodic pulsation velocity of the fan impeller airflow and interact with the volute tongue to produce rotary noise. Because of the same phase, the smaller the area of aerodynamic force, the less noise radiated.
5, after cascade flow velocity and pressure distribution is not uniform, when the airflow and blade relative motion, in the air outlet of the leaf tongue produces noise and tongue interaction, the appropriate wind tongue is provided a larger radius to reduce fan rotation noise and eddy current noise.

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