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Axial flow fan operation effect

Click:396    Date of publication:2017-05-08

Axial flow fan operation effect:
After the inverter is installed, it is put into operation. The Chinese graphical man-machine interface of axial flow fan inverter, touch screen operation, vivid and intuitive, and equipped with a host computer, the running state of the inverter at a glance, all kinds of operation data and alarm information can be found on the touch screen and the upper machine, convenient operation personnel to understand the operation of the inverter. The frequency converter is easy to operate, and the two stage axial fan can start at the same time. It can start to the high speed in a short time, and achieve the required air volume. Shorten the start-up time, ensure the production safety, realize one key anti wind, anti air operation is simpler and more reliable than before, and can fully meet the requirements of anti wind in 10min. Since the inverter has been put into operation, stable operation of axial flow fan, the output frequency, voltage and current in accordance with the requirements, the full capacity of harmonic is less than 3%, the wind turbine to below the rated speed operation, not only saves energy, reduces maintenance costs, but also reduce the running noise of the fan, good economic benefits. It can be seen that the frequency conversion speed regulation of mine fan not only realizes the soft start and stop, saves the electric energy, but also speeds up the speed regulation conveniently according to the air flow demand of the tunnel, and the application effect is very ideal. When the frequency conversion is running, the fan efficiency is 80%, the power saving rate is above 30%, and the energy saving effect is obvious.
Main application effect of axial fan after reconstruction:
1, the axial fan frequency conversion starts without any impact on the power grid. Because the frequency transformation, can realize the variable frequency soft start axial fan, avoid the starting current of the impact, reduce any impact on the power grid voltage, but also can start or stop at any time, which reflects the role as a starter of high voltage inverter.
2, according to the needs of the adjustment of air volume, avoid waste. After the frequency conversion transformation, axial flow fan air flow from the air door no longer need to adjust, but by adjusting the frequency of fan speed to achieve, can be adjusted from 0~100%; so it can adjust the air volume according to the need of production.
3, frequency converter operation, if you need to switch units, directly click on the man-machine interface "start 1#" or "start 2#" for switching.
4. During the operation of the inverter, it has one key anti wind function, and the axial fan reduces the work of the operation staff, shortens the working time and improves the work efficiency.
5, frequency conversion energy-saving operation, save a lot of energy. Because of the frequency conversion, the fan is no longer in the full load working condition, and the energy saving rate is as high as 30%.
6, attention should be paid to the coal mine after the cyclone frequency conversion speed regulation, in general, require two motors running frequency as much as possible, so as to ensure that the motor speed is consistent. Avoid a high speed, a low speed, the formation of wind resistance, affecting the normal operation of fan.

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