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Selection of axial fan

Click:361    Date of publication:2017-05-08

1, flow fan performance chart found there are more than two kinds of axial flow fan available in axis, should choose high efficiency, machine number smaller: a large adjustment range, of course, should also be compared and decided to weigh the pros and cons.
2, in the selection of axial flow fan, axial flow fan should be understanding of domestic production and product quality, special purposes such as the production of axial flow fan and all kinds of varieties and specifications of products, new product development and promotion, should also fully consider the requirements of environmental protection, so that the selection of the fan.
3, in choosing axial fan, we should avoid using axial fan in parallel or series work. When unavoidable, the same type and isotropic axial fan should be selected. When series connection is used, there is a certain connection between the first axial flow fan and the second stage axial fan.
4, the ventilation system noise requirements, should be the first choice of high efficiency, low circumferential velocity of the impeller axial fan, and the highest efficiency; should also be based on the noise and vibration generated by the ventilation system of communication, take the corresponding noise and vibration reduction measures. The vibration reduction measures of axial fans and motors are generally based on vibration damping, such as spring shock absorbers or rubber shock absorbers.
5, the choice of centrifugal axial flow fan, when the motor power used is less than or equal to 75KW, can not be installed only for the start of the valve. When the exhaust flue gas or air is selected and the centrifugal fan is selected, a starting valve shall be provided to prevent the overload during cold running.
6. According to the physical and chemical properties of the axial flow fan, choose the axial fan of different uses. Such as the transportation of explosive and flammable gases should be explosion-proof axial flow fan; dust or dust should choose the conveying of pulverized coal or coal axial fan; transportation of corrosive gas should choose anti-corrosion axial flow fan; in high temperature situations or conveying high temperature gas should choose high temperature axial flow ventilator.

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