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Fan protection

Click:566    Date of publication:2017-05-08

1, bearing temperature rise is too high
The bearing box is fiercely shaken
The quality of moist grease is not bright, stale, with too many impurities, dust and sand, delays etc.
Bearing box cover, seat connection screw stem too tight or too small
The shaft and the scroll bearing device has two inclined bearing differences in heart
Roll bearing damage
2, the electrode current is too large or too high temperature rise
When driving the air intake passage gate or throttle valve is not closed tightly
Scalar exceed the limit value
The fine, honey, or sticky substance that carries the gas, [substance]
The motor has low input voltage or single-phase power supply failure
The coupling is not connected properly, the leather ring is too tight or the air attack is uneven
Affected by the shock of bearing box
3, bearing box fierce shake
The fan shaft and the motor shaft coupling, poor heart, crooked
The casing or air inlet is rubbed against the impeller
The steel of the foundation is not solid
Impellerrivet loose or alter the status quo of impeller
The leaf axle plate is loose with the shaft, or the coupling screw is loose
Shell and frame, bearing box and rack, bearing box cover in the seat and so on, screw loose
Fan inlet passage device is bad
The rotor is unbalanced and the fan blade is worn out
Regulation of fan protection
The wind machine must express, express repair.
The fan should not run in spite of illness.
Regular removal of the fan inside the dust, especially the dust and other impurities, late on the impeller, to prevent corrosion and imbalance.
Fan repair must stress and attach importance to the first power off brake.
Check the temperature of the thermometer and oil mark regularly.
In addition to each after overhaul should be changed and oil, normal circumstances change to lubricating oil 3-6.

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