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Fan manufacturing industry significant positive

Click:704    Date of publication:2017-05-08

Express News (reporter Luo Zhimian) in promoting the development of clean energy at the same time, China will further accelerate the localization process. The Ministry of Finance announced yesterday, the domestic enterprises for developing and manufacturing high wind power generator units, key components of imports of raw materials to pay import tariffs and import value-added tax refunds, while importing part of wind power generation units will no longer enjoy duty-free policy. Market participants believe that this fan manufacturing industry in China can be described as a major positive.
Implementation of the withdrawal
According to the notice of the Ministry of finance, the import declaration time, since January 1, 2008, the domestic enterprises for the development and manufacture of high-power wind turbine key parts and imported raw materials to pay import tariffs and import value-added tax refunds, the tax rebate as a national investment, to the state capital, mainly used in the development and production of new products and the construction of enterprise independent innovation ability.
It is understood that the adjustment involves a total of wind turbines, generators, blades, spindle bearings and other 53 parts and raw materials, since the implementation of the date, will be able to enjoy the provisional tax rebate ranging from 1-3 years.
The circular also stipulates that, since May 1, 2008, the newly approved domestic and foreign investment projects, imported single power rating of not more than 2.5 MW of wind turbines will stop the implementation of import tax exemption policy. And approved before May 1, 2008, foreign investment projects are divided into two kinds: the import of the specifications of the wind turbine to continue in accordance with the relevant provisions of the "notice" of the State Council on adjusting the tax policies for imported equipment in November 1, 2008; in November 1, 2008 after the import of the project unit rated power less than 2.5 MW wind turbine executive the import tax policy will stop.
Ease industry bottleneck
According to statistics, last year, the world's new wind power installed capacity of 20 million 73 thousand kilowatts, while China's new 2 million 961 thousand and 700 kilowatts, an increase of 121%, the growth rate reached the world's first. Among them, the growth rate of installed capacity of domestic equipment is 60% - 70%. The Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC) is expected in 2008, 2009, 2010 China's new wind power installed capacity reached 3 million kilowatts, 4 million kilowatts, 5 million kilowatts by 2010, total installed wind power is expected to reach 17 million kilowatts. Moreover, in the future market prospects of the premise, the country has introduced a number of policies, wind power industry tilt. Guotai Junan research report said, has issued a "full grid enterprises purchase of renewable energy electricity regulatory measures" and "renewable energy price subsidies and quotas Trading Scheme", showed that the country is to increase efforts to support new energy.
However, due to the insufficient supply capacity of wind turbine spare parts, the rising cycle of wind power industry in China will be blocked. Shun securities research report pointed out that the supply of key components is the bottleneck of the wind power industry. "The production of wind power parts and components enterprises is small, it is still in the market breeding stage, and the supply of key parts is very tight."".
Some market analysts believe that the wind power industry failed to produce mass production, mainly due to imports of parts and more expensive. The key parts of the import tariff and VAT rebates, can effectively reduce the production cost. On the other hand, as China's new wind farms have to meet the requirement of localization rate of 70%, many foreign wind power equipment companies have set up joint ventures in china. The new fiscal and tax concessions will increase the market share of domestic units to a certain extent.
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