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Fan manufacturing: promising to 2012

Click:543    Date of publication:2017-05-08

In 2007 China's new wind power installed capacity of 2 million 961 thousand and 700 kilowatts, a total of 5 million 561 thousand and 700 kilowatts, an increase of 121% and 114% respectively, the market is expected in 2008 will also demand far exceeded expectations, domestic equipment installed capacity for the annual growth rate of 60%~70%. 2010 installed capacity of about 18 million kilowatts.
Supply and demand, after 2010, the average annual growth rate of the whole machine market will fall to between 10%~20%. However, the supply capacity of parts such as blades and gearboxes may still not meet the demand, so the boom cycle of the fan equipment manufacturing industry will continue for 2010-2012 years.
At present, the domestic wind turbine manufacturing industry a total of forty or fifty enterprises, the competition pattern like "the Warring States era. Referring to international experience, around 2010, domestic fan industry will gradually shuffle. Mature technology, flexible management mode, comprehensive strength and large sales scale will be winners.
At present, the industry's average dynamic price earnings ratio in 2008 is only 29 times, taking into account the wind power equipment in recent three years, compared to the annual growth rate of 40%~50%, the value of a certain underestimation.
Under the policy of energy saving, emission reduction and new energy, the wind power industry will not only be controlled by austerity, but will be supported by fiscal policy. From the perspective of investment, in the current market systemic risk is still high, suitable to choose the grasp of forerunner of wind power equipment has the advantage of the valuation of Goldwind (002202 market, shares) (002202), and has a strong manufacturing base of the wind in the future oligarch manufacturer Dongfang Electric (600875 Market share. It) (600875). While the manufacturing industry suppliers are also worthy of attention, such as Tianqi shares (002009 quotes, shares) (002009), sinomatech (002080 market, shares) (002080), Pegasus shares (002122 quotes, shares) (002122).

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