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Classification and use of axial fans

Click:282    Date of publication:2017-05-08

Lin Dongfeng Machine to make the following classification according to the characteristics of axial flow fan:
According to the material classification: Steel fans, FRP fans, plastic fans, PP fans, PVC fans, aluminum fans, stainless steel fans and so on
According to the use of categories: explosion-proof fans, anti-corrosion fans, explosion-proof anti-corrosion fans and other types. According to the requirements of classification: pipe type, wall type, post type, fixed type, rainproof dust-proof type, motor external type, etc..
[Edit] axial fan application
Can be used for metallurgy, chemical industry, light industry, food, medicine and civil construction places such as ventilation or enhance heat dissipation. If the shell is removed, and can also be used free fan, but also in the exhaust pipe to the longer interval are arranged in series, in order to improve the air pressure in the pipeline. Axial fan features: this series fan has the characteristics of simple structure, stable and reliable, small noise, wide range of functions.

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