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Click:353    Date of publication:2017-05-05

Don't take a look at this little warm axial fan. In the past one or two years, the warm axial fan market has begun to add a lot of healthy ingredients, such as humidification and purification, to other household electrical appliances. The warm axle blower is no longer a machine that only blows hot air, but seems to be turning into a healthy and warm guard. However, this "face change" can really bring health?
Face changing is imperative
Miss Zhang, she asked the salesman, "do you have a warmer axial fan?"" Miss Zhang's warm axial fan, in addition to sending warm air, but also want to have additional functions. Miss Zhang's request represents the expectation of consumers for the warm axial fan market. The analysis shows that the electrical appliances market, consumer demand for high-end brand is now rising to the original technical content is not high warm axial fan, also increase the added value of their selling points.
At present, the most relevant feature of warm axial fans is "health"". Emmett, Midea, SANYO and other major brands in the high-end electric heater, recently the main highlights of the humidifying function and the air refreshing function. The internal cause is obviously, the winter had relatively dry, use electric heater heating, indoor air will become more dry, appropriate humidification is necessary, taking into account the humidifying function of warm axial fan can be almost to a humidifier; at the same time, due to less water, suspended dust may be more. The air is relatively stagnant, in the warm air at the same time, take some necessary air cleaning measures are very necessary.
Therefore, although these types of medium and high grade warm axial fan prices are around 500 yuan, more than 100-200 yuan price of ordinary warm axial fan expensive, but there are still many consumers are willing to buy. When the cold hit, the temperature dropped, whether it is a 100, Tianhe City and other large department stores, or the United States, Suning Appliance Chain Store, or even 100 trust mart, and other large supermarket counters, the electric heater is bustling, sales are rising.
"Health" is only subsidiary
But from the current store sales statistics show that 200-300 yuan up and down, inexpensive economic warm axial fan is still the mainstream market products. Just bought in electrical appliances, Mr. Lin Taiwan 168 yuan warm axial fan told reporters: "the child is mainly to bathe with cold, afraid of him. It can blow hot air, so complex functions don't feel practical."
Lin's view seems to represent another group's attitudes towards consumption. Mr. Lin believes that now a lot of home appliances motionless for "health" banner, a show, boast ingredient. Especially for the relatively simple warm axial fan, although it has added humidification and purification functions, it seems difficult to reflect the profound meaning of "health". The manufacturers just add value to the product.
Industry analysts believe that the current home appliance products are not only "health", but also stay at the conceptual stage, including the "health" concept of the most prominent air-conditioning, there is no more clear "health" standards. Objectively speaking, the "healthy card" of the warm axial fan should be said to be an important subsidiary function. As for consumers do not buy it, it is all decided by consumers themselves.

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