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How to make axial fan energy saving and improve fan efficiency

Click:970    Date of publication:2017-05-09

The regulation method should be driven more by industrial turbine or gas turbine to achieve the goal of energy saving by changing the speed. Secondly, the use of imported technology to develop energy-efficient fans. In addition, it is very important to adjust the transmission mechanism and change the operation condition of the fan products.
First of all, in the design aspect, through the application of impeller, volute and other components of scientific research results, and further improve the manufacturing accuracy, and strive to make all kinds of fan efficiency increased by 5% to 10%. But because of the use of the three yuan fan blade manufacturing process flow more trouble than ordinary fan blade manufacturing cost is high, plus the product technology transfer fee is high, the whole blower manufacturing costs increase, the user can not afford, nor in the whole industry to promote. As the three large flow of natural gas pipeline transportation America developed three element flow centrifugal compressor impeller, the impeller efficiency can reach 94% to 95%; the efficiency level of single shaft and multi stage centrifugal compressor in Japan is further improved, the heads of the large flow of semi open impeller is three yuan KZS mine shaker thermal efficiency up to 94%.


The double roll crusher used in metal mine fan power consumption accounted for 30% of the total national mining electric fan; iron and steel industry using electricity consumption accounted for 20% of the total production of electricity; fan coal industry using national coal industrial electricity consumption accounted for 17% of total power.
Therefore, for the fan industry, how to produce a more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly fan products, is a need to pay attention to the problem. In the development of centrifugal spiral sand washing machine compressor, more three yuan flow impeller should be adopted to improve the impeller efficiency by an average of 2% to 5%. The industry believes that energy saving and environmental protection is the eternal theme of the fan industry. With the application of hydraulic coupler and frequency converter in the fan, the operation efficiency of the fan is greatly improved, but the number of applications is limited. Such as Japan on the volute and impeller etc. the flow passage shape is improved properly, can effectively prevent the vortex and flow separation, the adiabatic efficiency is increased from 5% to 10% than the original centrifugal blower; large flow centrifugal blower made in Switzerland, each level are equipped with inlet guide vane device, its efficiency is changeable 82%; Japanese manufacturing multi-stage centrifugal blower, the inlet guide vane continuous automatic adjustment, energy saving rate of 20%; high speed single stage centrifugal blower with high speed and high pressure ratio of semi open impeller radial three yuan, the efficiency of vibration lifting height of 10%; and on the other end is provided with a gas turbine blower spindle that not only meets the requirements of environmental protection, and achieve the purpose of saving energy.

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