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What is the difference between ball bearings and axial fans?

Click:404    Date of publication:2017-05-09

The traditional structure of fan motor, only a fan and a chemical feeder rotor stator and a motor drive circuit, motor vibration feeder and by the shaft and the bearings are pivoted, and running with magnetic induction.


The traditional DC brushless fan motor design, is the fan rotor and shaft through the bearing, pivoting the high-frequency vibrating screen in the center of the fixed position of the motor stator, keep an appropriate gap between the rotor and the stator of shaft between the bearing and also must have a gap, not only the shaft deadlock cannot work; and the stator structure of motor, after losing a resonance type flameproof feeder in power, will be micro warehouse wall vibrator induced magnetic flux in the rotor and the stator, axial flow fan and the fan motor drive circuit control operation.

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