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Preparatory work required before installation of axial fans

Click:294    Date of publication:2017-05-09


Axial flow fan installation should be fully familiar with the fan's specifications, drawings and ventilation system get work breeze machine, check out of the box fan of each component is complete, there is no external shell bumps, with particular attention to whether there is a high head rectifier deformation, each component connection is close, there is no damage of impeller vane motor, rotation found the problem should be flexible, such as repairs and adjustments. Check the installation base of fan, it must have enough strength and rigidity to ensure the load of fan running, and check whether the connection size of foundation and fan meets the design requirement.
Main features of axial flow fan:
The utility model has the advantages of firm installation, small vibration, low noise, stable operation, etc. the utility model is widely suitable for the wall type air exhausting of the industrial and mining enterprises, civil buildings, gymnasiums and various amusement places. Widely used for ventilation in general factory, warehouse, office inside the house or to strengthen the heat with axial flow fan, can be used as a free fan, also can be in the ventilation duct long interval are arranged in series, used to improve the pressure in the pipeline.

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