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The role of axial fans and centrifugal fans in mechanical ventilation

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1, because the temperature and grain temperature difference is great, the first ventilation time should be chosen during the day, in order to reduce the gap between grain temperature and temperature, and reduce the occurrence of condensation. After the ventilation as far as possible in the evening, because the ventilation is to cool at night, humidity is relatively high, low temperature, so that reduce the water loss, and make full use of the night temperature, improve the cooling effect.
2, in the early days of centrifugal fan there may be a door and window and wall condensation, even slight condensation of surface grain surface, as long as the wind stop machine, open the window, open the axial fan, if necessary, changes the grain surface, the positions within the hot air outside the warehouse can be excluded. When the axial fan is used for the slow ventilation, there will be no condensation. Only the upper and middle grain temperature will rise slowly, and the grain temperature will decrease steadily as the ventilation continues.
Slow ventilation 3, axial flow fan, the axial fan air volume, and food is a poor conductor of heat, ventilation early prone to individual parts of ventilation ventilation continued to slow, with full grain storage temperature will gradually balance.
The use of the environment should always be kept clean, keep the fan surface clean, inlet and outlet should not be debris. Regular elimination of dust and other dust in the fan and pipe.
Only in the fan can be operated completely under the party, and to maintain adequate capacity of power supply facilities, voltage stability, non phase operation power supply line must be as the special line, should not be long-term use of temporary power supply lines.
During the operation of the fan, it is found that the fan has abnormal sound, the motor is seriously heated, the shell is electrified, the switch is tripped and the engine can not start. In order to ensure safety, maintenance is not allowed in the operation of the fan. After the overhaul, the test operation should be carried out for about five minutes, confirm no abnormal phenomenon, then turn on the machine.
According to the conditions of use is not on a regular basis to supplement or replace the bearing grease, to ensure the fan in the operation process of good lubrication, gas of not less than 1000 hours / times, enclosed bearings and motor bearings, gas 3 lithium base grease filled bearing inner ring by ZL - 2/3. Oil free operation is strictly prohibited.
Fans should be stored in a dry environment, so as not to damp the motor. Rainproof measures should be taken when the fan is stored in the open air. In the storage and transportation process should prevent fan bump, so as not to damage the fan.

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