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Classification of axial fans

Click:238    Date of publication:2017-05-08

Axial fan is divided into several big series, the performance index is more comprehensive, and the scope of use is more extensive, such as constant temperature and humidity air conditioning, locomotive air conditioning, cold storage project, air conditioning engineering, ventilation and refrigeration industry, etc.. FB series axial fan type FB:
Application scope: refrigeration, ventilation, air conditioning and other precision; fan blades made of aluminum sheet, riveting four blades, rivets, the diameter of 350mm ~ 650mm, two wind direction can be selected, the blade angle, 0 ~ 100% speed adjustable;
FC series axial fan type FC:
Application scope: heat, ventilation, cooling, drying, cooling and agricultural transformer roll material cooling fan; whole die-casting aluminum, seven blades, the diameter from 315mm to 1250mm, which belongs to large volume, low pressure fan, 0 ~ 100% speed adjustable;
FE series axial fan type FE:
Applications: ventilation, air conditioning, heating, refrigeration, agriculture, etc.; seven sickle shaped blade aluminum die-casting impeller design, diameter from 350mm to 1000mm, excellent noise characteristics, 0 ~ 100% speed adjustable;
FH series axial fan type FH:
Applications: mainly used in ventilation, heat exchange and other fields; seven blades, die casting aluminum design, diameter from 350 mm to 650mm, 0 ~ 100% speed adjustable, air range 2600-11500m3/h;
FL series axial fan type FL:
Applications: refrigeration technology, air conditioning, ventilation and other fields; five aluminum blades, diameter from 350mm to 650mm, two kinds of air supply direction, three kinds of blade angle, 0 ~ 100% speed adjustable, air range 6000-10000m3/h;
FT series axial fan type FT:
Applications: ventilation, cooling, drying, etc., eight blade, aluminum motor, leaf hub, diameter from 315 mm to 1250mm, air range 2500-170000m3/h, 2100-128000m3/h;

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