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The cause of axial fan failure

Click:336    Date of publication:2017-05-08

Axial fan failure, there are many factors: may be caused by product design or manufacturing, may also be operating, maintenance caused by, and may be caused by installation, the following analysis of the reasons one by one:
1 、 axial fan design and manufacturing
A) the structure design of axial fan is not reasonable, and the dynamic load is not fully considered in the strength design.
B) pneumatic design is not perfect. For aerodynamic characteristics, expansion is unknown.
C) axial fan blade strength safety factor is not enough, blade material is poor.
D) the casting quality of fan blade is poor.
E) poor welding and assembly quality. Such as blade bolts, broken leaves, etc..
F) control the quality of the oil station.
(g) monitoring and protection of accessory failures.
2 、 fan operation and maintenance:
A) axial flow fans operate under stall conditions for a long time, the amplitude of air pressure surge increases remarkably, and the blade resonance is damaged.
(b) do not start the vehicle according to the fan characteristic, and the fan condition does not match the system characteristic.
(c) the low dust concentration at the inlet of fan is not caused by the low efficiency of electrostatic precipitator or electrostatic precipitator.
(d) when the two typhoon machines are juxtaposed, the working points of the two typhoons vary greatly.
E) axial fan surge protection is out of order.
(f) no regular overhaul fan or bad repair.
3 、 axial fan installation:
(a) the shaft is unbalanced or the connection is not good, resulting in vibration of the fan, and damage to the bearings and couplings.
(b) the installation error of the actuator is large, and the local indication value is inconsistent with the feedback value of the control room, resulting in inaccurate operation.
4, fan selection and system design:
Axial flow fan fan caused by improper selection of actual operation in the unstable flow area or close to even enter the stall region, and a blower pipe system characteristic is not reasonable, which can cause fan rotor components on fatigue and damage.

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