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Brief introduction of axial fan

Click:633    Date of publication:2017-05-08

Basic principle:
Axial fan blades work in the same way as the wings of an airplane. The latter, however, forces the lift upwards on the wings and supports the weight of the aircraft, while the axial fan positions and moves the air.
The cross section of axial fan is generally wing section. The blade can be fixed or rotated around its longitudinal axis. The angle of the blade or the airflow or the pitch of the blade can be adjustable or adjustable. Changing the blade angle or pitch is one of the main advantages of axial fans. The pitch of the interlobular leaves creates a lower flow rate, while the increase in spacing leads to higher flow rates.
The advanced axial fan can change the blade spacing during the operation of the fan and accordingly change the flow rate. This is called the movable blade adjustable axial flow fan. Also called the local fan axial flow fan is a fan used in industrial and mining enterprises, security is different from its general fan motor and fan blades are in a cylinder shape is in a cylinder shape, for local ventilation, convenient installation, ventilation effect, safety, can be connected with the air duct the wind sent to the designated area.
Axial fan maintenance and storage:
1, the use of the environment should always be kept clean, fan surface clean, inlet and outlet should not be debris, regular removal of fan and pipe dust and other debris.
2, only in the fan completely normal operating below, colleagues to ensure that the power supply facilities sufficient capacity, voltage stability, non phase operation power supply line must be as the special line, should not be long-term use of temporary power supply lines.
3, fan in the operation process found fan abnormal sound, motor serious fever, shell live, switch tripping, can not start, and so on, should immediately stop inspection. In order to ensure safety, it is not allowed to carry out maintenance during the operation of the fan. After commissioning, the test should be carried out for about five minutes, and no abnormal phenomenon will be confirmed.
4, according to the environmental conditions using irregularly to supplement or replace the bearing grease to ensure good lubrication fan in the operation process of the gas of not less than 1000 hours / times enclosed bearings and motor bearings, gas filling bearing with zl-3 lithium based grease 2/3. prohibit running short of oil.
5, fans should be stored in a dry environment, to prevent the motor from moisture. There shall be defensive measures when the fan is stored in the open air. In the storage and transportation process should prevent fan bump, so as not to damage the fan.

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