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China's fan manufacturing calls for quality independent brands

Click:483    Date of publication:2017-05-08

With the rapid development of China's wind power industry, the domestic demand for fan manufacturing is becoming stronger and stronger. It is urgent for our country to speed up the independent innovation ability of fan manufacturing industry, improve the technical level of fan manufacturing, and set up "independent brand" with market recognition and quality as soon as possible. At present, the Chinese government requires new wind farms to use more than 70% of the domestic wind turbines, coupled with the increasingly hot fan prices, further stimulating the domestic fan manufacturing industry progress. According to the Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Commerce Chen Deming, to the end of 2006, the national manufacturing and related parts of more than 100 enterprises have wind power, have been produced and prepared to enter the large-scale wind turbine manufacturing machine production enterprises 36.
China Renewable Energy Society, director of the association, said, at present, domestic enterprises have basically mastered megawatt below the wind turbine manufacturing technology, the main components to achieve localization.
"At present, the domestic manufacturers engaged in megawatt class fan manufacturing, the highest technical content of blue, the production of fan effect is not inferior to foreign fans." Song Shaobo, who is responsible for the development of wind energy in Luneng development group, said. It is understood that last year Qingdao Guodian Lande company and Shenyang University of Technology Wind Energy Research Institute, a joint venture in Shenyang China Wind Energy Ltd, completely rely on independent R & D and production of 1.5 MW wind turbine generator.
October 13th, fan Shenyang Huachuang produced by Wind Energy Ltd through the Ministry of science and technology 863 project approval. Cai Xiaofeng, director of production, said: "unlike other manufacturers in China, we are the only independent manufacturer in China."."
Reporters learned that in spite of the domestic fans have made some progress in independent innovation, but market recognition is still low, the production capacity to be improved. According to the Ningxia power generation group, at present, China's wind power equipment manufacturing can not adapt to the needs of new energy development and construction, and has become the biggest bottleneck restricting the development of wind power industry. Although the domestic wind power technology has been basically mature, the key technologies and equipment still rely on foreign countries, and the cost of investment and unit cost are generally higher.
Song Shaobo said: "some large components still need to be imported."." "Some manufacturers with high manufacturing level have high localization rates of domestic fans, but the gap with foreign countries is in terms of stand-alone capacity," said Wu Feng, general manager of Ningxia Dali Power Generation Co., ltd.."
Ende (Yinchuan) wind turbine manufacturing company official said that this year in China factories face the problem of supply chain, leading to 2500 kilowatts of wind power equipment can not be "China", namely China local firms unable to produce the quality of megawatt wind power equipment parts, the current 1 million 500 thousand watt wind power equipment gearbox. The only two companies can provide, and 2500 kW wind turbine gearbox, no manufacturer can provide a China.
According to Song Shaobo introduction, at present, fully autonomous domestic fan manufacturing enterprises more than seven, but production is not going, enterprises are still willing to choose more quality assurance joint venture products.

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