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Maintenance method of axial flow fan

Click:359    Date of publication:2017-05-09

Maintenance method of axial flow fan:
1, fan "FRP fan" in the operation process found that fan abnormal sound, motor serious fever, shell live, switch tripping, can not start, and so on, should immediately stop inspection.
2, in order to ensure safety, not allowed in the fan operation for maintenance, repair after commissioning should be about five minutes, confirmed no abnormal phenomenon, then boot operation.
3, fans should be stored in a dry environment, to prevent the motor from moisture. There shall be defensive measures when the fan is stored in the open air.
4, in the storage and transportation process should prevent fan bump, so as not to damage the fan.
5, the use of the environment should always be kept clean, fan surface clean, inlet and outlet should not be debris, regular removal of fan and pipe dust and other debris.


Matters needing attention in choosing axial fans:
1. The axial flow air blower is set up by special personnel for operation and maintenance. Fully grasp the performance and construction of axial fan, find problems and deal with it in time to ensure the normal operation of dust removal system. Personnel on duty shall keep records of the operation on duty and relevant data.
2, rotate parts regularly oiling.
3, found that the exhaust smoke, ash, indicating that the bag has been broken, when the overhaul, the room by wind, open the upper cover, if found in the bag at the end of the accumulation of ash, it shows that the bag has been damaged, and must be replaced or repaired.
4, axial fan resistance is generally at 1200-1500Pa, maximum 2000Pa, the ash cycle, according to the resistance situation, the control cabinet within the setting switch to adjust.
5, compressed air system air filter to regular sewage, gas package at the lowest point of the drain valve should be drainage regularly. Gas storage tanks should be regularly drained.
6, the control valve to professionals overhaul, regular solenoid valve and pulse valve for inspection.
7, offline exhaust valve cylinder or electro-hydraulic push rod, factory thrust has been debugged, the user generally does not need to adjust to use.

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