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Characteristics of axial fan

Click:350    Date of publication:2017-05-09

Axial fan consists of single-phase capacitor, asynchronous motor, double flange cylinder type casing and fan blade. The utility model has the advantages of large air flow, small vibration, low noise, etc. the axial fan is mainly used for the automatic control device with large air quantity, the ventilation and heat dissipation of the large electronic equipment, the cabinet, the electric welding machine, etc.. It can also be used in buildings, buildings as ventilation, ventilation, purification, etc..


Axial fan is the airflow in the same direction as the axis of the fan blade, such as an electric fan, an air conditioner, an external fan, an axial flow fan. Also called the local fan axial flow fan is a fan used in industrial and mining enterprises, security is different from its general fan motor and fan blades are in a cylinder shape is in a cylinder shape, for local ventilation, convenient installation, ventilation effect, safety, can be connected with the air duct the wind sent to the designated area.

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