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  • China's fan manufacturing calls for quality independent brands

    With the rapid development of China's wind power industry, the domestic demand for fan manufacturing is becoming stronger and stronger. It is urgent for our country to speed up the independent innovation ability of fan manufacturing industry, improve the technical level of fan manufacturing, and set up "independent brand" with market recognition and quality as soon as possible.
  • Development trend and direction of future fan

    The fan comprises a fan, turbine blower, blower and compressor, divided in detail including centrifugal compressor, axial compressor, centrifugal blower, roots blower, centrifugal fan, axial fan and Yales blower 7 categories. The development trend and direction of the future fan are as follows:
  • Brief introduction of axial fan

    Axial fan is the airflow in the same direction as the axis of the blade (that is, the direction of the wind is parallel to the axis), such as an electric fan, an air conditioner, an external fan, and an axial flow fan.
  • Basic principle of axial fan

    A common example of axial fans is typical desktop fans. It is called axial flow because the air passing through the fan does not change direction, but is parallel to the air shaft. Axial fans are usually used in situations where the flow rate is high and the pressure requirement is low.
  • Classification and use of axial fans

    Lin Dongfeng Machine to make the following classification according to the characteristics of axial flow fan: According to the material classification: Steel fans, FRP fans, plastic fans, PP fans, PVC fans, aluminum fans, stainless steel fans and so on
  • What are the main differences between centrifugal fans and axial fans?

    1. The centrifugal fan changes the flow direction of the medium in the air duct, while the axial fan does not change the flow direction of the medium in the air duct; 2, the former installation is more complex 3, the former motor and fan are generally connected through the shaft, the latter motor generally in the fan; 4, the former is often installed in the air conditioning unit inlet and outlet, boiler drum, fan, and so on. The latter is usually installed in the middle of the air duct or the front end of the air duct.