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  • Brief introduction of axial fan

    Basic principle: Axial fan blades work in the same way as the wings of an airplane. The latter, however, forces the lift upwards on the wings and supports the weight of the aircraft, while the axial fan positions and moves the air. The cross section of axial fan is generally wing section. The blade can be fixed or rotated around its longitudinal axis. The angle of the blade or the airflow or the pitch of the blade can be adjustable or adjustable. Changing the blade angle or pitch is one of the main advantages of axial fans. The pitch of the interlobular leaves creates a lower flow rate, while the increase in spacing leads to higher flow rates.
  • Fan protection

    1, bearing temperature rise is too high The bearing box is fiercely shaken The quality of moist grease is not bright, stale, with too many impurities, dust and sand, delays etc. Bearing box cover, seat connection screw stem too tight or too small The shaft and the scroll bearing device has two inclined bearing differences in heart Roll bearing damage
  • Axial flow cooling fan

    Axial flow cooling fan (1) axial cooling fans are suitable for public places requiring cooling or ventilation, such as shopping malls, supermarkets, hospitals, Internet cafes, gymnasiums and so on;(2) suitable for industrial workshops with high temperature or peculiar smell, such as chemical factories, textile mills, electronic factories, leather factories, machinery works, etc., suitable for cultivation of greenhouses, flowers, livestock and so on;
  • Fan manufacturing industry significant positive

    Express News (reporter Luo Zhimian) in promoting the development of clean energy at the same time, China will further accelerate the localization process. The Ministry of Finance announced yesterday, the domestic enterprises for developing and manufacturing high wind power generator units, key components of imports of raw materials to pay import tariffs and import value-added tax refunds, while importing part of wind power generation units will no longer enjoy duty-free policy. Market participants believe that this fan manufacturing industry in China can be described as a major positive.
  • Fan manufacturing: promising to 2012

    In 2007 China's new wind power installed capacity of 2 million 961 thousand and 700 kilowatts, a total of 5 million 561 thousand and 700 kilowatts, an increase of 121% and 114% respectively, the market is expected in 2008 will also demand far exceeded expectations, domestic equipment installed capacity for the annual growth rate of 60%~70%. 2010 installed capacity of about 18 million kilowatts.
  • In 2009, China will become the world's largest producer of fans

    The International Wind Energy Committee (Global Wind Energy Council/GWEC) secretary general Steve Sawyer said in 2009 Chinese will become the world's largest producer of wind turbines, which will bring a new revolution to the rapidly developing field of renewable energy. According to the agency's data, although the 2007 wind power accounted for only 1% of the world's electricity supply, but the rapid development of wind power by 2020 will meet the electricity demand in the world 12%, which will be beneficial to control global warming.