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  • What is axial fan?

    Axial fan is the airflow in the same direction as the axis of the fan blade, such as an electric fan, an air conditioner, an external fan, an axial flow fan. Also called the local fan axial flow fan is a fan used in industrial and mining enterprises, security is different from its general fan motor and fan blades are in a cylinder shape is in a cylinder shape, for local ventilation, convenient installation, ventilation effect, safety, can be connected with the air duct the wind sent to the designated area.
  • Axial fan blade

    The axial flow fan blade curvature in a certain range, the greater curvature of the blade, the same speed, the gas kinetic energy is bigger, the air volume and pressure increased; at the same time, the blade force is greater, the greater the torque motor. When the camber / chord ratio exceeds 0.1, the lift coefficient will no longer increase linearly, so the "range" of 0.05< / <0.1 arc height chord. Axial fan blade angle: the greater the tilt angle, the greater the pressure difference between the upper and lower surfaces of the blade, the greater the wind pressure at the same speed; but the upper surface pressure is too large, may produce reflux
  • How does the axial fan make noise?

    Axial fans are widely used in Chinese enterprises. According to the recommendations of the international organization for standardization, noise in industrial areas should not exceed 85dB. However, the axial noise of the axial-flow fan 1m can reach 90 to 110dB in the absence of sound insulation. The industrial noise produced by axial flow fan during the actual operation will have adverse effects on the production environment and the physical and mental health of the operators.
  • The role of axial fans and centrifugal fans in mechanical ventilation

    1, because the temperature and grain temperature difference is great, the first ventilation time should be chosen during the day, in order to reduce the gap between grain temperature and temperature, and reduce the occurrence of condensation. After the ventilation as far as possible in the evening, because the ventilation is to cool at night, humidity is relatively high, low temperature, so that reduce the water loss, and make full use of the night temperature, improve the cooling effect.
  • Axial fan overview

    The wind direction is parallel to the axis and is called axial flow fan and centrifugal fan is, the air conditioning unit is a large fan coil, it comes with some function. Humidizer. Filtering.. air cooled chiller is a kind of air conditioner, divided air cooling and water cooling fan coil two. Is a kind of heat transfer equipment, a reasonable and home air-conditioning indoor machine. The axial flow fan and centrifugal fan cabinet the fundamental differences in the mechanical structure of fan blade diameter,
  • The axial flow fan to wash and noise reduction

    Axial flow fan and how: 1, axial fan horizontal split unit shall be the main air blower upper part and rotor removed, and the main air blower lower part, bearing seat and base on the basis of assembly, with a pair of inclined iron leveling; 2, vertical split unit should be in single period of crusher chamber placed in the foundation, paired with the wedges leveling, and then install the bearing seat and the bearing seat and the bottom plane of contact should be uniform, two bearing hole on the public axis of the different axis should not exceed 0.05 mm;