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  • Classification of axial fans

    Axial fan is divided into several big series, the performance index is more comprehensive, and the scope of use is more extensive, such as constant temperature and humidity air conditioning, locomotive air conditioning, cold storage project, air conditioning engineering, ventilation and refrigeration industry, etc.. FB series axial fan type FB:
  • What is a fan of axial fans?

    The fan is always connected to work together with the smoke duct, when the load changes, smoke and air flow change, smoke, air flow resistance P changes according to the change of the relationship between them by the curve, called Q- Delta P characteristic curve of pipeline.
  • How to make axial fan energy saving and improve fan efficiency?

    The regulation method should be driven more by industrial turbine or gas turbine to achieve the goal of energy saving by changing the speed. Secondly, the use of imported technology to develop energy-efficient fans. In addition, it is very important to adjust the transmission mechanism and change the operation condition of the fan products.
  • Fan starting notes

    The fan comprises a fan, turbine blower, blower and compressor, divided in detail including centrifugal compressor, axial compressor, centrifugal blower, roots blower, centrifugal fan, axial flow fan and Yales blower 7 categories. Fan start item:
  • Axial fan in the development of Chinese fans

    I. present situation and gap of fan industry (1) present situation: Main products and technical level 1) the centrifugal compressor with horizontal split structure is close to the advanced level of similar products in the world, and a small number of products have reached the advanced level in the world.
  • Principle of axial fan and jet fan

    The working principle of axial fan is that when the impeller rotates, the gas enters the impeller from the air inlet and is pushed by the vanes on the impeller to increase the energy of the gas and then flow into the guide vanes. The guide vane converts the deflection gas into an axial flow, and at the same time, the gas is introduced into the expansion tube, and the kinetic energy of the gas is further converted into the pressure energy, and finally the working pipeline is introduced. Axial fan blades can generally rotate angle, most of the axial flow fan is equipped with a set of blades hydraulic adjustment device. When the fan is running, the installation angle of the blade can be adjusted by the vane hydraulic regulating device, and the angle of the blade is kept at a certain angle, so that the fan still has high efficiency when the working condition is changed.