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  • Failure and control measures of axial fan fasteners

    Causes of actual operation failures: Fan impeller output speed is 127 / min, the load is relatively large, is a typical low-speed heavy load equipment. When the fan is running, the various parts in the system will bear the load, especially motor and reducer, bearing large load winter fan brought torque transmission outages, affected by damp and hot steam and external wind driven, positive rotation sometimes produces high speed, high up to 50-60r / min, on human can't stop then, open suddenly reverse, because it is the prime mover, t
  • Application of press technology in axial fan manufacture

    Application of press technology in axial fan manufacture It is reported that the spinning rotating feeder technology not only coal screw conveyor has a high degree of automation, can save the cost of raw materials, the horizontal vibration conveyor according to our estimates, the spinning process of axial fan hub of raw materials is reduced by 20 ~ 40%, the processing time reduced by 60 ~ 80%, and the quality of products is also on the ventilator a feeder, strengthen contemporary fan strong position in the market economy. What is the difference between ball bearings and axial fans?
  • How to realize the frequency conversion energy saving of axial fan?

    At present, many countries have specified dimension juice flow pressure VVVF control device must be used to replace the traditional way, China twenty-ninth national energy law section second is also clear that fan and pump power electronic load governor should be used.
  • Development of axial fans

    2006 1-12 months, achieved a total industrial output value of 24 billion 794 million 902 thousand yuan Chinese fan, fan manufacturing industry, growth of 24.42% over the previous year; to achieve total sales revenue of 23 billion 757 million 721 thousand yuan, growth of 26.87% over the previous year; to achieve cumulative total profit of 1 billion 560 million 200 thousand yuan, an increase of 24.20% compared to the same period last year.
  • The role of axial fans and centrifugal fans in mechanical ventilation

    1, because the temperature and grain temperature difference is great, the first ventilation time should be chosen during the day, in order to reduce the gap between grain temperature and temperature, and reduce the occurrence of condensation. After the ventilation as far as possible in the evening, because the ventilation is to cool at night, humidity is relatively high, low temperature, so that reduce the water loss, and make full use of the night temperature, improve the cooling effect.
  • Main application effect of axial fan after reconstruction

    The 1. axle fan frequency conversion starts without any impact on the power grid. Because the frequency transformation, can realize the variable frequency soft start axial fan, avoid the starting current of the impact, reduce any impact on the power grid voltage, but also can start or stop at any time, which reflects the role as a starter of high voltage inverter.