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  • Axial fans are of great use

    Axial fan application: Can be used for metallurgy, chemical industry, light industry, food, medicine and civil construction places such as ventilation or enhance heat dissipation. If the shell is removed, and can also be used free fan, but also in the exhaust pipe to the longer interval are arranged in series, in order to improve the air pressure in the pipeline. Axial fan characteristic: The fan has the advantages of simple structure, stable and reliable, small noise and wide range of function choices.
  • How to make axial fan energy saving and improve fan efficiency

    The regulation method should be driven more by industrial turbine or gas turbine to achieve the goal of energy saving by changing the speed. Secondly, the use of imported technology to develop energy-efficient fans. In addition, it is very important to adjust the transmission mechanism and change the operation condition of the fan products.
  • What is the difference between ball bearings and axial fans?

    The traditional structure of fan motor, only a fan and a chemical feeder rotor stator and a motor drive circuit, motor vibration feeder and by the shaft and the bearings are pivoted, and running with magnetic induction.The traditional DC brushless fan motor design, is the fan rotor and shaft through the bearing,
  • Design and analysis of the key technology of axial fan

    In designing axial fans, the key is to grasp the determination of the blade outlet angle, beta 2A. The blade can be divided into three types according to the blade outlet angle, the beta 2A, the back curved blade, the radial outlet blade and the forward curved blade. The impeller with three blade types is now used in fan design. The characteristics of blade impeller is the size of the weight of a small, cheap, and curved blade impeller can improve the efficiency, save energy, so in the fan of modern production, especially large fan most large power with curved blades.
  • Maintenance method of axial flow fan

    Maintenance method of axial flow fan: 1, fan "FRP fan" in the operation process found that fan abnormal sound, motor serious fever, shell live, switch tripping, can not start, and so on, should immediately stop inspection. 2, in order to ensure safety, not allowed in the fan operation for maintenance, repair after commissioning should be about five minutes, confirmed no abnormal phenomenon, then boot operation.
  • Characteristics of axial fan

    Axial fan consists of single-phase capacitor, asynchronous motor, double flange cylinder type casing and fan blade. The utility model has the advantages of large air flow, small vibration, low noise, etc. the axial fan is mainly used for the automatic control device with large air quantity, the ventilation and heat dissipation of the large electronic equipment, the cabinet, the electric welding machine, etc.. It can also be used in buildings, buildings as ventilation, ventilation, purification, etc..